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About Us

Since 2013, C3nami has helped small to medium-sized businesses amplify their brand online, connecting with their ideal communities, and tying it back to their business. We empower our clients by guiding them on how to create content and build their confidence along the way. C3nami is a women-owned close-knit team built on the philosophy of creating a space that allows both our clients and team members to thrive.
We strive to truly connect with and understand our clients so they can connect with and understand their ideal audience. We genuinely care about the clients that we work with. We work with our clients one-on-one to help them navigate their online presence and tell their stories. We offer a clear strategy, creative campaigns that spark interest with their customers, and frequent collaborative meetings to create content that personifies their brand. We meet our clients where they’re at, either by teaching them how to do it all themselves, helping them fill in some gaps in their content, or doing it all for them.
We are compassionate challengers for both our team members and clients. We believe that if we educate our clients and team members to brainstorm, strategize, and execute on their own, then we can create larger impacts in our communities. We are not afraid to work towards growth, even if that means trying something new and failing. Our end goal is to be able to help our clients continue to own their awesomeness and help our team members do the same.

We’ve Got What You Need

Social media clarity from C3Nami, LLC


Define your company’s overall digital marketing strategy. Get clarity by setting achievable goals and planning the steps to get there.
We’ll take a hard look at your brand to help you define where you are and where you want to be.

Social media creativity from C3Nami, LLC


Create original unique content to showcase your business. Design and build your brand visually in a way that speaks to your audience. We’ll help you design a consistent digital presence with a team of graphic designers and strategic copy editors.

Social media collaboration from C3Nami, LLC


Your original content + our digital media skills = a great team. We’ll be your accountability partner to help empower you to reach your goals. Whether you have time to is a different story.

Our Awesome Team of Experts

Ruoyun Xu

Ruoyun Xu

CEO + Founder

Ruoyun is passionate about discovering new ways to put the human experience back into digital marketing. With over 10 years of experience in social media marketing, she created C3nami to be a space that educates and empowers our clients to utilize digital marketing as a method for them to amplify the impact they make in their community. 

Kirby Squires

Kirby Squires

COO + Chief Creative Officer

Kirby brings together strategy and creativity to help our clients build long-lasting relationships with their ideal customers. She loves building a visual presence and unique voice for brands to help them put their best foot forward in the digital world almost as much as she loves a good breakfast taco and cold brew coffee.

Jillian Lowe

Jillian Lowe

Art Director

Jillian is meticulous about kerning and color theory. She uses her passion for people and art to design collateral that resonates with consumers. As a creative strategist and artist, she loves finding the elements that make brands stand out from their competition.

Mary Grado

Mary Grado

Copywriter & Social Media Coordinator

Mary has always naturally enjoyed writing. She loves copywriting and establishing a client’s brand voice. She understands the importance of relationships between brands and their audiences, and how that can help businesses grow and develop loyalty. Her main goal is to strengthen those bonds by producing lasting, authentic, and genuine relationships between the two. 

Ashlyn Weiner

Ashlyn Weiner

Social Media Coordinator

Ashlyn has always had a passion for visuals and their ability to communicate messages both creatively and strategically. She is motivated by helping businesses effectively utilize social media as a means of elevating their online presence and humanizing their brand to reach new levels of success. 

Highly recommend!

“I worked with C3Nami very recently, and I can honestly say every dime was well spent! Incredibly timely, responsive, knowledgeable, and willing & able to put up with a control freak like me! Highly recommend!”

-Shelby Bowden, Camp Gladiator Lake Travis