Meet the team that makes it all happen

We are a group of individuals coming together to do what we love:

help businesses strike up a conversation with their customers!

Ruoyun Xu

Social Media Strategist & Founder

Visionary, strategic, and clever, Ruoyun has a passion for educating and empowering businesses to utilize social media marketing as a method to continue building a relationship with their clients and a greater community.

She is a gifted mentor, trainer, and has a passion for seeing clients become autonomous. She focuses on a personal one-on-one approach and attention to detail to help her clients walk away with a clear vision and the tools and understanding they need to manage their brand.

Before founding C3Nami, Ruoyun has worked in the social media realm before Facebook even had Business Pages starting as early as 2010. Her diverse background of over 10 years in sales, marketing, event planning and business development allows her to best consult her clients in almost any area of running a business in relations to marketing. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Edwards University with a BA in Marketing in 2013.



Jillian Lowe

Graphic Design Consultant

Jillian uses her passion for people in combination with her passion for art to build and design images that really resonate with consumers. She loves finding the elements that make a brand visually stand out from their competition.

Jillian is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, with two BS in Corporate Communication and Advertising, as well as a certificate in Business Management from the Red McCombs school. During her time there, she worked with clients ranging from Summer Moon to Whole Foods and beyond and decided she wanted to stay client side to help businesses like yours. Her background in marketing, advertising, and business shows in her ability to create cohesive ad campaigns and marketing plans. She loves broccoli, rappers, and playing music.

Kirby Squires

COO & Creative Director

Kirby brings together strategy and creativity to help our clients build strong lasting relationships with their ideal customers. She loves building a visual presence and unique voice for brands to help them put their best foot forward in the digital world almost as much as she loves a good breakfast taco and cold brew coffee. With a passion for creating both personal and visual connections, Kirby brings that energy to every conversation with our clients and team.  She finds inner peace when creating beautiful visual solutions with her team that goes above and beyond client expectations.

Kirby has been honing her graphic design and branding skills for over 7 years. She got her first taste of designing branded ads and marketing materials in 2010 and that sparked a passion that has only grown. Later in 2012, she helped her first client navigate the digital world and decided she wanted to stay on this path that let her create, grow, and help other people. She has been on that path ever since. She graduated with a BS in Advertising from the University of Texas in 2013.

Mary Grado

Social Media Consultant-in-Training

Mary has always naturally enjoyed writing, whether it be creative or strategic. She loves copywriting and establishing a client’s brand voice. She understands the importance of relationships between brands and their audiences, and how that can help businesses grow and develop loyalty. Her main goal is to strengthen those bonds by producing lasting, authentic, and genuine relationships between the two.  
Mary graduated with a BS in Strategic Communications and English from Oklahoma State University in 2019. Mary has gained skills in social media management, event planning, marketing, and writing throughout her time in college and beyond. Her favorite college experiences were working on the Marketing Committee for both the Wine Forum and Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma, as well as creating a marketing campaign for the Oklahoma City Zoo. 
She loves JuiceLand, listening to music, and reading and writing poetry.