Podcasts are everywhere and about everything.

We can’t get enough of them!

In the midst of the iPod revolution of the early 2000s, a new way of consuming information called podcasting found its niche and took hold of an unforeseen (and unexpectedly large) audience. Now we see every sort of podcast from ethical, executive, to entertainment and it seems that every individual has a special place in the podcast domain. Now that it’s International Podcast Day, we’re wondering, so what caused the platform to gain so much traction?

Podcast popularity has grown exponentially over the past few years for a variety of reasons. Be it the birth of the new found platform that allowed free discussion without a time limit, a better understanding of a humans constant underlying curiosity, and now the sheer availability of endless amounts of unique content that each individual can access in the palm of their hand. The variety and value that podcasts supply appeals to an unexpected community filled with diverse members of every demographic all with one common truth: An aptitude to learn about topics that grab their attention. 

Like our team at C3Nami, each individual podcast brings forth a factor unique to the overarching discipline of podcasting (and our marketing). You can know a lot about a person by what they listen to – so let’s get to know our team and their personal podcast preferences. 

Ruoyun, our founder aka commander-in-chief, is a strategic visionary constantly starting a new conversation and relentlessly questioning the status quo. Like Ruoyun, The goop Podcast dives into deep discussion with a variety of leading world thinkers ranging from CEOs to spiritual healers. 

Kirby, our chief creative officer, is a imaginative innovator (and podcast enthusiast) forging her own path and painting her future as she sees fit. Like Kirby, the Being Boss podcast identifies what makes up a successful creative entrepreneur. Dissecting the habits, routines, and mindset of successful side hustlers, this show encourages freelancers to pursue their passions while also making money. 

Jillian, our graphic designer consultant, is a passionate designer meticulous creating content that is not only individualistic but resonates with our human truths. Like Jillian, the Reply All podcasts recurring segment  “Yes, Yes, No” meticulously dissects viral tweets and uproots research to identify the meaning of the tweet and why it went viral. 

Tyler, one of our graphic designers and photographers (and jack of all trades), is an ambitious creative constantly jumping from project to project with a brand new unique perspective. Like Tyler, the My Favorite Murder podcast bounces from story to story each episode giving insights into true crime events with a fantastical humor spin. You’ll never get bored with this one!

Riely, our intern, is an inquisitive (tough naive) newcomer to the team and enjoy bringing her own creative and strategic ideas. Trying to find her way, she is always interested in solving problems like the podcast Generation Why that dips into true crime with an interesting twist and litigation. This podcast will have your mind on a journey as an armchair detective while also having the opportunity to learn about the justice system. 

We invite you to join us and enjoy one of our suggested podcasts (or any podcast for that matter) for the annual International Podcast Day! We hope you take the time to pique your interests, celebrate this unique platform, and advance the discipline of podcasting. Whether your new to podcasts or you’re a podcast aficionado, we bet you’d enjoy listening to our CEO Ruoyun on the Quarter Life podcast speaking about the concept of being an multipotentialite.


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