Our job is to teach you how to utilize digital marketing

Whether you have time to do it yourself is a whole different story

What to expect from us

No matter which level of involvement works best for you, our team of experts will work with you to create meaningful, engaging, and customized digital content. We’ll optimize your social media and email marketing efforts to create tangible results like increased reach, conversions, and a digital marketing guidebook through our process:

So how can we help?

If you want to do it yourself


Want to keep your social in-house? Learn how to run your own social media and get your team involved in creating great content. Our 6-month education program will help you design and build your marketing processes, train you and your team to work together to create content for social media. This includes:

  • Custom designed operational manual of your digital marketing processes
  • Custom designed social media schedule
  • Custom branded social media templates
  • 2 meetings per month
  • Knowledge and guidance on how to run your social media
  • Expert accountability partners to help you implement it all

If you want to do it yourself but need some support

Half SErvice

Want to run your social, but don’t have the eye for graphics? We can back you up and save you time! Learn how to use your platforms and get custom branded graphics delivered to your inbox monthly.

  • Custom designed operational manual of your digital marketing processes
  • Branded campaigns created by experienced designers delivered to you monthly
  • Custom one-time promotional campaigns available upon request
  • Custom designed social media schedule
  • 2 meetings per month
  • Education and guidance on how to run your social media
  • Accountability partners to help you implement your plan with regular check-ins

Don’t have the time?

Full Service

We’ll take the lead on your social media so you can focus on running your business. We’ll be your partner in crime when it comes to Social Media and Email Marketing campaigns. This includes:

  • 1 meeting per month
  • Interactive branded campaigns created by our experienced designers
  • Post Creation and Distribution on the platforms that your audience interacts on
  • Management of engagement including replying to comments, messages, reviews, followers and more.
  • Email Marketing campaign creation including monthly newsletters and autodrips

C3Nami is just as I hoped.

“I really can’t tell you enough how good I think everything is looking. So professional, and unified, and aesthetically tied together. I love that it’s all timed and planned and intentional. The messaging is on point, too. Such great work, and I feel that it represents my business and our brand very well. Just as I hoped, actually. Thank you all so much for all that you are doing.”

– Jonathan Shultz, Family First Chiropractic Austin